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You are about to change your event look in this magic way called ... LIGHTS !


Uplighting is one of the most popular, beautiful and cost effective solutions to completely transform your banquet hall look. 

We can transform your venue in such a way that all the guest will be delighted and amazed with how beautiful your room is !


Your videos and pictures will get new dimension, with this beautifuly colored backround.



I offer 3 great lighting packages. Depending on your needs you may choose:


Package BROWN:  12 lighting points - $400 (*100 discount with DJ booking)


Package SILVER: 18 lighting points - $500 (*150 discount with DJ booking)


Package GOLD: 24 lighting points - $600 (*200 discount with DJ booking)






* Uplighting is all about best equpiment, experience and art skills of person doing the installation. So two uplighting installations done by two different companies may look way different. Please check our work gallery HERE to see what quality of work you will recieve from us.  We use only highest quality, professional LED lights (giving beautiful colors, they don't warm up, and don't burn out), we have a lot of experience, and art passion, thats why we love doing lights so much.


* you may choose any color you want (but the good tip is to go with the bridal party dresses)

All uplighting work we did so far was greatly admired by all the guests.

Uplighting ON

Uplighting OFF

Recent reviews:

" I truly loved the lighting and so did everyone else! I can't wait to use you again!  Diana "

" We used Chicago Uplighting service to bring out the magic. We had 12 lamps beautifully decorating our banquet room. It truly set the mood for our celebration. Everyone was in awe! I would recommend the up-lighting for anyone who has a color scheme for their wedding and for anyone who wants to make their banquet room look more elegant " Barbara & Joe " 

" Uplighting Chicago provided beautiful illumination lightning for the walls which really made the place stand out ...   Bernadeta "

" I really recommend your services. The LED lights gave amazing effect !!!! Once again thanks for a great illumination, Magda"

" The effect was jaw dropping, and they offer the best prices on the market, Kathy "

Want to submit your own review ? Please email it to:    endlessoffice

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